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We develop self care skills to increase the independence of residents.
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The Audrey House
​One of the goals is to increase the independence of residents. Staff members teach residents daily living and self-care skills, providing as little assistance as possible. Daily living skills include meal preparation, laundry, housecleaning, home maintenance, money management, and appropriate social interactions. Self-care skills include bathing or showering, dressing, toileting, eating, and taking prescribed medications.

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The Mentoring Program is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are falling through the cracks in life or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. Our program matches positive male and female role models with youngsters. Roles models demonstrate successful behaviors, encourage,, and guide each youngster through life challenges.

The Audrey House was Founded by Mrs. Audrey Anderson.  Audrey’s motivation, inspiration and life-long goals are to help children who may be diagnosed as Mentally Retarded or Developmentally Disabled (MRDD), bi-polar, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder or some other behavior problem that prohibit them from being at school or home. She has worked in entry-level positions all the way up to Director.